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Hmmm... Where to start?


*clears throat*

So, yeah, BUCK 2013 - SMASHING SUCCESS! Last year at BUCK, despite having a fever both days, I still had so much fun and really enjoyed myself, and even managed to talk to some people, which for me is a big achievment ^_^

This year, however, the fun had been multiplied to a factor that even Luna cannot messure. Out of all the cons I've been to: easily the best one yet. Alcon next week'll have to be pretty damn amazing to compete :P

Lesse... The Sumer Sun Celebration (SSC) was great, considering I'm not usually a fan of loud music parties in dark rooms ^_^;; But yeah, all the brony musicians there were awesome, Michelle Creber was amazing, and until my legs started dieing on me I found myself jumping to the beat to some of the songs. Something I would never have the self-confidence to do anywhere else, but there's something about the broyn community that just makes it feel really secure :3 I was apparantely the only person to purchase a small SSC flag ^_^;;

Saturday - I cosplayed as the Great and Powerful Trixie, and beside the wig constantly getting in my mouth, I enjoyed being the Great and Powerful one for a day :) I bought some good swag that day, including: Silver Spoon Twist and Cheerilee mini-figure set, Derpy poster + foil card, Sunset Shimmer brushable, Trixie phone charm, and I place a bid of 50 for a copy of My Little Karaoke, which ended up winning the following day :D (at least one more copy was also sold for 110) Also bought some trading cards, and got a few new ones. Sadly couldn't find where people were trading cards, and I also missed a chance to buy an autographed CD from Michelle Creber, but I didn't let that put a damper on things :)

As for the events, they were all so much fun! (Fun fun fun fun) From the Welcoming Ceremony, to the VA Q&A, to the stand up comedy, to the sporadic sing-a-longs that just randomly broke out ^_^ My fic that I entered into the BUCK fanfic contest made it into the final three, but sadly did not reign supreme. Oh well, always next year :P

The Lunar Eclipse was just as great and the SSC (finally got to see a Laser Pon3 show live!), but the seating in the

Sunday - I changed out of my Trixie cosplay because I was to leave right after the closing ceremony. I live about 45 mins - 1 hr away, so my dad offered to give me a drive back instead of paying for a third night in the hotel. So me and my Eevee checked out of our room and stored our luggage in the hotel's locker room, and then hit the con. First stop: blind readings by MasakoX (squee!) and EllieMonty. Man VAs are amazing... I can't even get my tone right when I'm singing XD

On this day, I bought three blind bags (one of which included a Soarin with an error card - Soarin's picture, but Spitfire's name and description XD), and a Great and Powerful Trixie mug. I also entered into a few raffles, but won none of them.

I spent some time at the Karaoke and Singing upstairs, which was really fun, if not a tad sweaty ^_^;; And I managed to find a group to join during the pub quiz. We all sucked at the music round :P

Desite technical difficulties, the FiM Q&A was great, but sadly no S4 spoilers. Also Megan did say: "I would like Discord to appear again *wink*".

Besides all the fun panels and the great swag I bought, I also had fun chatting with other people (however briefly) and joining in with all the random sing-a-longs and chants that would just appear out of nowhere. Again, there's something about this community that makes me feel secure and boosts my self-confidence a little bit ^_^

Am home now, and sick with a bloody annoying cold ><;; But at least it had the decency to hit after the convention.

Going to Alcon next week, from the Thrusday to Sunday. Gonna see how much I can write before then ^_^;;

I'm not very good at writing things like these, but hopefully I was able to convey just how amazing an experience BUCK 2013 was and how much I'm looking forward to BUCK 2014 :3

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