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Split Personality Part 2 (2/2)
“Temperance?” Pinkie Pie asked as she sat herself down opposite the two Trixies. “And there are six more of you still out there?”
The two Trixies nodded, though Temperance was more focused on Gluttony, who was indulging herself in Mrs. Cake’s generous treat after hearing her rumbling stomach. It was a rather large sponge cake, one that Gluttony had claimed for herself.
“Honestly, how can you just stuff your face like that?” Temperance asked. “Do you not give a single thought to the ones who had to make that for you, and all the work that they put into it?”
“Oh, I don’t mind,” Mrs. Cake said as she entered the room. “I just can’t stand to see somepony so hungry, and from what I’ve been told, she can’t help but be hungry.”
“Wrong,” Temperance said. “Her appetite is the same as the rest of us. She just can’t help but pig out, even if it does bother the ponie
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Split Personality Part 2 (1/2)
The next morning, Fluttershy mumbled in her sleep as she lay down on the sofa in her living room, a warm blanket wrapped over her body. The bed in her bedroom had been offered to her guest, Pride, who accepted it eagerly. “Mm… Harry, could you please pass the scones over? Oh, would you like some more tea, Angel Bunny?”
The smell of cinnamon waffles greeted her nose, and she stirred about on the couch. “That smells wonderful… I would love to try some. Thank you…” Fluttershy’s eyes opened slowly, and she let out a quiet, graceful yawn as she sat up and rubbed her eyes. “What? Is somepony using my kitchen?” she asked herself as she slowly climbed off of the couch, and to her hooves.
“Oh, you’re awake!” Fluttershy yelped and jumped back, hiding behind her couch as she peeked her head over it. She noticed Pride setting two plates and two glasses of orange juice onto her dining table. “Excellent tim
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Split Personality Part 1 (2/2)
“Alright, now that we’re all settled down,” Twilight began, looking around the table in the library’s main room, “Let’s talk about this peacefully and civilly.” She looked around at all of the ponies that were gather around: seven Trixies, Spike, who had walked into the library just now, and was not happy at all to see all of the Trixies, Rainbow Dash, who was fleeing from one of them, Fluttershy and Rarity, who were accompanying two of them, Applejack, who was following one of them secretly out of concern for Twilight’s safety, and Pinkie Pie, who was chasing one of them over a case of ‘dine and dash’. “Now then, Trixie?”
“Yes?” all seven of the Trixies answered at once, each one in a different tone of voice. Twilight slammed a forehoof against her face.
The Trixie wearing her hat and cape cleared her throat. “Perhaps introductions are in order,” she said, before pointi
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Split Personality Part 1 (1/2)
It was a pleasant summer’s day. The sun was shining, the sky was clear (save for a rainbow trail following a blue blur every now and then), ponies were out enjoying their Saturday off from work/school, and there was a peaceful vibe in the air.
As Rarity levitated her cup of tea to her mouth, she took in the pleasant aroma, and let out a deep sigh of satisfaction before drinking the hot beverage. She had no commissions to be working on, Opalescence was with Aloe, being groomed, and Sweetie Belle had decided to play with her friends today, instead of visiting her sister.
Not that Rarity had a problem with Sweetie Belle paying her a visit every now and then, but today, she was free to just sit back and relax. Something that she had not been able to do for a long time.
This is simply lovely,’ Rarity thought to herself, leaning back in her chair as she drank some more of her pleasant tea. ‘No distractions… no worries… today is just going to b
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My Little Vongola Family Twelth Generation by Trinity-Alchemist My Little Vongola Family Twelth Generation :icontrinity-alchemist:Trinity-Alchemist 4 2 My Little Vongola Family Revised by Trinity-Alchemist My Little Vongola Family Revised :icontrinity-alchemist:Trinity-Alchemist 2 0
Diamond Tiara is a Spy!
Diamond Tiara wiped the sweat from her brow, and tried to keep her breathing quiet, as she peered carefully around the corner. There was nothing standing in her way. It was a clear run to the Sentry sitting in the middle of the enemy’s base, preventing her teammates from entering. All that she had to do was use her Electro-Sapper to destroy it, and then her team would charge in and wipe out the enemy, showering her with praise for being the key aspect of their victory.
I need a disguise first,’ she thought to herself as she ducked back behind the corner, and opened up her disguise kit. She pulled out a mask of the yellow filly responsible for building the Sentry in the first place. “Blech. No way am I masquerading as that blank flank.” She tossed the mask aside, and pulled out a mask of an orange filly with a helmet that was obviously too big for her. “A little better, but I’d still rather not wear a mask of that chicken.”
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Snips and Snails Write a Shipfic
The Great and Powerful Trixie decided to take a long walk through the Everfree Forest to unwind after her latest show, which was of course a sucsess! The Evefr Everfree Forest is a dangerus place, but not for the Great and Powerful Trixie, who’s magic is the most powerful in the entire world!
The Great and Powerful Trixie dicided to take a break under a tree. The shade was refreshing, and the peacefullness around her was soothing to her soul.

“Heh, pretty good, huh Snails?” Snips asked as with a proud grin.
“Yeah, but, are we gonna have ta write out ‘Great and Powerful Trixie’ every time we write her name? It’s kind of a lot to write…”
“Yeah, you’ve got a point… Let’s just shorten it to ‘G and PT’!”
Trixie’s ear caught the soudn sound of somepony talking near her
“How does she know it’s a pony?” Snails asked. “It could have been Zecora, or Spike,
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A Twixie Playdate
Shining Armour waved his parents goodbye as they left the house. Once they were out of sight, he closed the door, and rounded the corner to check on his sister and her friend. Cadance told him that they were 'little angels', and he knew his sister was easy to deal with… This was the punishment his parents designed for him for skipping school?
'This will be easy.'
He saw the two fillies sitting in front of the TV, playing a video game together, with Twilight handling the controller, and her friend giving her advice… Rather loudly.
'Guess I'll go read a book, he thought as he made his way upstairs and entered his room. He pulled a book from a shelf and began reading it.
About five minutes later, he heard a loud scream downstairs, and quickly jolted up from his bed. "W-What the?!"
He bolted out of his room, and made his way downstairs.
"WHAT DID YOU?!" Twilight shouted.
Shining Armour's eyes widened at
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Diamond Tiara Likes Anime - Part 6
Diamond Tiara groaned as she approached the school. She had gotten barely any sleep last night, and honestly didn't feel like going to school today, but she knew that she had no choice. Her father would never approve of her missing school unless she was ill, and although she was good at playing innocent, she was terrible at feigning illness.
"Good morning, Diamond," Sweetie Belle said as Diamond Tiara passed her by on the street.
Diamond turned to face her and wave a hoof weakly. "Morning…"
"Oh my," Sweetie Belle said, "You look awful. Didn't you sleep well last night?"
"I didn't sleep at all," Diamond said groggily. "I was up all night watching PoniMyu, and eating hay pocky."
Sweetie Belle giggled. "Yeah, I've been there. You get used to it."
"You've stayed up late watching Anime before? Is that why you're always sleeping in class?"
Sweetie Belle shook her head. "No, that just happens whenever I sit still for too long."
"Oh." Diamond let out a loud yawn, and then stopped
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Diamond Tiara Likes Anime - Part 5
Diamond Tiara's eyes grew heavy as she stared down at her exercise book, flipping through the pages to check over her answers to make sure that they were right. After making a few adjustments here and there, and making a few doodles of catponies and tiaras on the side of her page, she was satisfied with her work and put down her pen whilst she waited for the class to end.
"Snips," Cheerilee said at the back of the class. "About this homework you handed in…"
"Is there a problem, Miss Cheerilee?" Snips asked, obviously nervous by the tone of his voice.
"How to put this delicately… Can you stay after class, so that we can discuss it? It's just… Not terribly up to standard."
Snips groaned, and Cheerilee made her way back to the front of the class. Diamond Tiara heard Snips and Snails whispering to each other behind her, and could vaguely make out Snails telling Snips that he shouldn't have done his homework at literally the last minute.
Diamond Tiara smirked to herself, and whispered: "Mad
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Diamond Tiara Likes Anime - Part 4
The next day, Diamond Tiara stopped by Sweetie Belle's house, along with Rarity, to ask for her help. When they explained that the adults had a problem with them watching Anime, and that they were going to come round to 'have a talk' with them, Rarity was at first sceptical, and sure that there was some kind of misunderstanding. Nonetheless, seeing her sister and her new friend in trouble, Rarity agreed to do whatever she could to help them out.
Whilst they waited for Cheerilee and Filthy Rich to stop by, the two fillies tried on a few costumes that Rarity had made, based off of the clothes worn by their favourite Anime characters. 'Cosplay', as it was known within the 'Otaku' community.
They also discussed the possibility of attending ManeCon together, but Rarity said that that decision would be up to their parents.
"What do you think, Diamond?" Rarity asked as Diamond looked herself over in the mirror. "It isn't too loose, is it? I added a little to your measurements, to take into ac
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Diamond Tiara Likes Anime - Part 3
Diamond Tiara scrolled through the list of Anime displayed on her computer screen, trying to pick out the top three out of the fifty available. Naturally, 'Mahou Shoujo Sakura-chan' got her vote instantly. Her second vote went towards 'Pony no Go', an Anime that she had recently finished watching, and really enjoyed.
For her last vote, she was torn between 'Canterlot High School Host Club', 'Code Pony: Luna of the Rebellion', and 'Chibi Changeling'. Unable to make her decision, she decided to ask her friends' opinions.
BBBFF: I voted for Fate/Equestrian Night myself.
Diamond rolled her eyes, and opened her other chat window.
Queen Tiara: Hey, have you voted on that top three Anime poll yet?
Sweetie Belle: No, not yet. There are too many choices to choose from >.<
Have you?

Queen Tiara: I'm torn between three different Anime for the last spot.
A knock at Diamond Tiara's door caused her to quickly minimise the chat windows, and turned towards the door just as
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Diamond Tiara Likes Anime - Part 2
Diamond Tiara tapped her pen to the paper on her desk, staring down at the sheet with a look of absolute boredom on her face. 'Don't know… Don't know… Never even heard of it…
She sighed, and just gave up, knowing that she wouldn't pass anyway with the few questions she could actually answer. She looked over to the clock, and saw that there were five minutes left. 'If I could use the Time Spirit, I could just copy off of somepony else's paper' she mused, grinning as she recalled the episode where the Time Spirit made its debut.
"Five minutes class!" Cheerilee announced. "Even if you're not finished, you may want to start checking your answers now."
Diamond didn't even bother. She knew she had failed; even if all the answers she gave were correct, she only answered enough to get 25%, whereas the pass mark was 40%.
"Time's up! Please leave your papers on your desks and I will collect them when you leave. Have a good weekend, my little ponies."
The class wished Cheerilee a go
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Diamond Tiara Likes Anime - Part 1
And so, Daring Do continued bravely through the forest, the pain in her wings nothing when compared to the concern for her friend. Daring Do had made a promise, and she intended to keep it.
Looking up at the setting sun, she knew she didn't have much time left; the ritual was to start the moment the sun had finished setting. To get there on hoof in time would be impossible. But, when things began to look grim for the young adventure, she heard-
Beep beep! Beep beep! Beep beep!

Diamond Tiara lowered her book, Daring Do – First Raid, and looked over to her clock. That it was beeping meant that it was… Yes! It was indeed 15:55!
"Okay, I guess I'll finish this later," she said, placing a bookmark inside her book and placing it down on her bedside table. She jumped off of her bed, stretched her hooves a little bit, and walked over to her computer.
"He should be online any second now…"
BBBFF has signed in!
"Ah! He's on!" Diamond said excitedly as she immediately dragged
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Diamond Tiara Makes a New Friend
Last week had been one of the greatest weeks in Diamond Tiara's life. She was wary at first. It was fun having Babs turn on the Cutie Mark Crusaders for a bit, but she never had any intention of actually hanging out with the new blank flank. But after some convincing from Silver Spoon, she decided to give her a chance, and the three fillies spent the entire week together. When they weren't tormenting Apple Bloom and her friends, they were taking Babs all around Ponyville, showing her the sights, and just generally having a good time together.
Bowling, tennis, running, frisbee, video games, comic books, braiding each other's manes, and even just chilling at Sugar Cube Corner. The three had so much fun getting to know each other, and Diamond had to admit that, for somepony related to Apple Bloom, Babs was one of the coolest ponies she'd ever met. She had even offered to help Babs find her Cutie Mark, but the other filly declined. Diamond didn't understand why, but she did now.
During the
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Dale Meigh
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom
Ok, so my name is Dale Meigh, and I like to write in my spare time. It keeps me entertained when I'm not fangasming at Trixie or Lelouch.

I like Anime, Manga, cartoons, games, general nerdy stuffz. I'm also a brony, if you didn't manage to pick up on that yet.

MLP Fanfictions here:

I am 20 years old.
Blood type: O-
Species: Human
Nationality: British
Occupation: Student (Level 5 at Staffs Uni)
Gender: Male
Favourite food: Jaffa cakes
Favourite drink: Cherryade

I study Forensic Science at University.

Goals for the future: Graduate, move to Canada, and get a decent job.

Current Residence: England
Favourite genre of music: JPop/JRock
Favourite style of art: Good
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: Broken :( And no longer sold :'(
Wallpaper of choice: ALTIMIT OS
Skin of choice: Mine
Favourite cartoon character: The Red Guy - Cow & Chicken
Personal Quote: "Always try your hardest. At least then, even if you fail, you're too tired to care"

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